How to use AAA battery in parallel to increase current.

I get a lot AAA 1.5V battery from my friend. If still store them, will not have any helpful.
Now I have a wall clock which use AA battery size. So cannot use with them.
But it not hard over than our endeavor.
We need to use AAA battery holder. But I cannot buy it in any store. Most is AA size only.

I’ve seen friends of mine soldering wires directly to the battery terminals. He tell me, we can solder them but must fastest. A general battery not like over heat.

This way is easy and cheap.

Do not need holder battery

Therefore I also soldering them as Figure 1 you will see that I connected wiring in parallel to increase current is doubly times. By positive to positive and negative to negative terminals. It cause same voltage at 1.5 volts.

To soldering two battery on parallel directly

Figure 1 Soldering the wire to battery directly.

Two battery on parallel cause high current application

Figure 2 two battery on parallel cause high current application.

Then we connected wiring to the wall clock battery terminals. As Figure 3

Connected wiring to the wall clock battery terminals

Figure 3

Lastly, time passes for 6 months, it still works well. We will can use AAA battery by no holder but it is really useful.

Connecting AAA batter without holder

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