How to increase currents of a transformer

If your the transformer too low current, until you cannot use fully it. It is a pity if you need buy the new transformer. So let’s look at how to modify it to increase current up.

But the transformers must be the center trap type as Figure 1, suppose your circuit need the 9V AC voltage only. You need to use 2 terminal are lead 9V and OV.
Inside transformer have the center trap terminal

Figure 1 inside transformer have the center trap terminal

How to modify it.
To begin with, remove a paper that wrap a coils out, will be noted that the CT or OV terminal that join 2 wires together. Secondly, separate both the wires apart. Then, renew connect in parallel the coil circuit as Figure 2
Connecting coil in parallel

Figure 2 connecting coil in parallel
REMEMBER: Do not connect strictly the coil wrong polarity, because both AC voltage like short circuit

When we make sure it is correct, we will get current output is 2 times in old transformer.

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