Hot Glue Gun Hack: Temperature Ready and Power Indicator

Hot glue gun
Hot glue gun is an indispensable tool for electronics hobbyists and professionals. Reasonably priced glue guns (and glue sticks) are now widely available, but most of the low-end type have a serious drawback – the lack of a power status indicator! If you have enough skill level and patience, you can easily add a simple “Power ON” indicator to your glue gun. The indicator is nothing but a 230VAC operated 5mm LED.

Power ON Indicator Circuit and the disassembled Glue Gun

  • Carefully unscrew the glue gun and remove the side cover
  • Drill a suitable (< 5mm) hole in the side cover
  • Assemble this little circuit as small as possible, and fit the LED in the side cover so that the LED slightly protrudes outwards
  • Connect the input wires of the LED circuit in parallel to the ac mains cord of the glue gun
  • Use heat-shrink tubing to cover all exposed connections
  • Attach the side cover, and ensure that this modification will not hinder the normal operation of the trigger lever
  • Finally screw the side cover on!

Temperature Status Indicator Circuit and Hacked Hot Glue Gun


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