Honda CB125(S1) Electrical Wiring Diagram

Honda CB125(S1) wiring diagram is shown on the following picture. It shows the connection between the parts such as the right front turn signal light, tachometer, meter indication light, headlight beam control switch, main switch, front stop switch, rear stop switch, selenium rectifier, wire harness, ground frame, right rear turn signal light, tail and stop light, left rear turn signal light, neutral switch, AC generator winker relay, condenser, contact breaker, ignition coil, main switch arrangement, turn signal horn button switch, DC horn, spark plug, headlight beam control switch and ignition switch arrangement, left front turn signal light, headlight, speedometer, neutral indicator light, turn signal indicator light, high beam indicator light, and many more including the color code. Here is the schematic of the motorcycle:

Honda CB125(S1) Wiring

Honda CB125(S1) Wiring Diagram

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