High-Pulse-Current Capacitor

High-Pulse-Current Capacitor

High Pulse Current Capacitor

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. introduced a new multilayer ceramic chip capacitor (MLCC) featuring an integrated resistor and low electrostrictive ceramic formulation. For high-pulse-current applications, the VJ controlled discharge capacitor (CDC) offers excellent reliability, high voltage ratings from 1,000 VDC to 1,500 VDC, and a capacitance range from 33 nF to 560 nF.

The integration of a high-capacitance MLCC with a bleed resistor on its surface allows the VJ CDC to discharge more rapidly, while also reducing board space requirements and assembly costs. Typical applications for the device include detonation devices (munitions, pyrotechnics, blasting) and electronic fuzing.

The capacitor released today is manufactured in Noble Metal Electrode (NME) technology with a wet build process. The VJ CDC features a low electrostrictive ceramic formulation for repeated charge and discharge cycles, allowing the device to achieve very high field reliability.

The VJ CDC is offered in the 3040, 3640, and 4044 case sizes, and is available with X7R and X5P dielectrics. The device features a wide capacitance range of 33 nF to 220 nF in the 3040 case size, 47 nF to 330 nF in the 3640, and 100 nF to 560 nF in the 4044.

The capacitor offers a high operating temperature range of – 55°C to + 125°C and a temperature coefficient of capacitance (TCC) of 10 % from – 55°C to + 85°C with the X5P dielectric and 15 % from – 55°C to + 125°C for the X7R. The device is halogen-free according to the IEC 61249-2-21 definition.

Production quantities of the VJ CDC are available now, with lead times starting from 14 weeks. Follow Vishay surface-mount MLCCs at http://twitter.com/vishayindust.

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