High power mobile phone Jammer circuit

If we are speaking about
professional Cell phone Jammers we are talking about this schematic
below. First off all you should be very careful how to use this device.
Its fully illegal and so the purpose I post this Circuit is only for
educational and testing reasons. This type of device is being used by
security for VIPS, specially at their limousines to avoid bomb
triggering while the car passes from the target cell phone-bomb.
Offcourse there are those who use it to make a joke or to make the
people crazy in the square block you are. The power of the jammer is
already enough to do your thing, but certainly you can place a 30W
linear power amp at the RF output and block a much wider area. So, Be
nice person with that and remember that there are people who may need
desperately to receive or make a call and one of them could be you! And
if you can’t resist of operating the jammer do it for few secs. Do not
forget that if you connect linear amp the unit will be a current sucker
after all.

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