Hacks and Mods: DIY Cheap Macro Lens

For all photography and
video enthusiasts, a macro lens is more than just a basic necessity. A
macro lens is very useful to provide detailed images of small objects or
features. Even though almost every photographer or video recorder needs
one of these, they are quite expensive and hence not everyone can
afford it.

Nevertheless, there is a way to make yourself a macro lens.
Everything can be achieved by using any lens, two plastic bottles, super
glue, and duct tape. A photography or video device to which the lens
has to be attached is also required.

First of all, the neck of a bottle is cut using a hot knife. Another
piece of plastic that is similar to the shape of the bottleā€™s neck is
cut out from a different bottle. This plastic section is placed at the
bottom. This forms the base on which the lens will have to be placed.

The lens will be held close to the bottle neck using super glue.
After holes are made at appropriate positions at both ends of the
device, it is now ready to be attached to any camera. It can be attached
permanently using super glue, or temporarily with some duct tape.
The lens device will be placed directly over the standard lens, allowing
the camera to take a precise photograph of small features using the
original programming.

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