General Wiring Diagram For The 1941 Chevrolet Passenger Car

The schematic drawing below is the general wiring diagram for the 1941 Chevrolet passenger cars. Herein we can see each components and connections of the wiring diagram, some of the components are; generator, battery, distributor, coil, starter, voltage regulator, dimmer switch, ignition lock, instrument light dimmer rheostat, ammeter, dimmer switch, light switch, dome light automatic door switch, stop light switch, gas gauge tank unit, gasoline gauge, headlamp beam indicator, ignition lock light, speedometer light, cigar lighter, glove compartment light, clock light, instrument light, dome light, dome light pillar switch, license plate light, stop & tail light, etc. Study the wiring diagram before performing any wiring work. Click on image to view it larger in a new tab.

 General wiring for the 1941 chevrolet passenger car

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