Future Designs Arm9-Based Touch Screen Platform for HMI/GUI Applications

The ARM-57TSLPC3250 is a new addition to a modular development platform that supports various size touch screen LCD devices from multiple vendors. The design supports ARM microprocessor and microcontroller devices in three popular families: the ARM926EJ, ARM7TDMI-S, and Cortex-M3. The new ARM9-based platform complements the initial product, the ARM-57TSLPC2478. The ARM-57TSLPC3250 includes a Toshiba 5.7? TFT LCD with integrated touchscreen and is based on the NXP LPC3250 266 MHz ARM926EJ-S microcontroller with integrated LCD driver. The “brain” of the system is a SOC module called the ARM9DIMM-LPC3250. This modular 200-pin SODIMM is 2.66? ×  1.89? and contains the LPC3250 microcontroller, along with 256 MB of external NAND flash, 32 MB of SDRAM, and support circuits. The kit includes the Linux operating system with a full complement of software driver support. The ARM-57TS-LPC3250 development kit costs $480. The ARM9DIMMLPC3250 costs $99.75. FDI offers cost-effective design and customization services for customer-specific hardware, software, or repackaging applications at volumes as low as 500 units. [Source : www.teamfdi.com]

Future Designs Arm9 Based Touch Screen Platform for HMI GUI Applications

Future Designs Arm9-Based Touch Screen Platform for HMI-GUI Applications

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