Freescale Tower System – 50 modules

Freescale Tower System – 50 modules

Freescale Tower System   50 modules

Three years after introducing the first Tower System module, Freescale Semiconductor has achieved a milestone of more than 50 unique modules for its popular development platform. Freescale recently added 10 new modules to the platform, with offerings that include 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit devices, along with peripheral modules that enable touch sensing, expanded memory and motor control.

With these additions, the Freescale Tower System has become one of the most extensive modular development platforms in the industry. Spanning a number of markets and applications, the Freescale Tower System equips embedded designers with the tools they need to bring their designs to market more quickly and easily. Available modules span the Freescale microcontroller (MCU), microprocessor (MPU) and digital signal controller (DSCs) portfolios, along with a number of add-on peripheral modules designed to bring added features and functionality to life.

“Our goal with the Tower System is to provide affordable choices that let designers customize their development tool according to their design needs,” said John Weil, Segment Marketing & Operations manager for Freescale’s Industrial Microcontroller & Multi-market business. “Our customers can scale up and down and make adjustments as needed, without retooling or having to invest heavily.”

In addition to giving designers the flexibility of tool reuse across designs, Freescale invites independent developers and partners to create compatible modules for the Tower System, further expanding the available options for embedded designers. “These new modules provide excellent opportunities for developers to bring innovative solutions to the embedded space and for Freescale to penetrate new markets, not to mention the endless design possibilities it gives our customers,” Weil said. “It’s truly a win-win for Freescale and our customers.”

Design files and mechanical specifications for all Freescale Tower System modules are made available, along with an easy-to-follow application note for getting started quickly.

Latest Tower System module additions

New MCU/MPU modules include:

  • TWR – S08PT60: The TWR-S08PT60 development tool features the rugged 5V 8-bit MC9S08PT60 MCU, combining exceptional EMC/ESD performance with integrated touch sensing and EEPROM.
  • TWR – S12G240: The TWR-S12G240 is a demonstration board for the MC9S12G240 MCU, an automotive 16-bit MCU focused on cost-effective high performance in a low-pin-count device.
  • TWR – K60F120M: The TWR-K60F120M is a development tool for the 120/150 MHz Kinetis K60, K20 and K10 MCU families .
  • TWR – K70F120M: The TWR-K70F120M is a development tool for the KinetisK70 and K61 MCU families.
  • TWR – MPC8309: Using the TWR-MPC8309 module in the Tower System enables designers to evaluate and demonstrate the MPC8309 PowerQUICC II Pro processor (built on Power Architecture® technology) aimed at factory automation and entry-level networking applications.
  • TWR – PXS2010: The TWR-PXS2010 is a development tool for the PXS20 family of 32-bit MCUs built on Power Architecture technology. The PXS20 targets industrial applications that require compliance with IEC61511 and IEC61508 (SIL 3) safety standards. Built on two e200 Power Architecture cores, devices in the PXS20 MCU family are designed to reduce complexity and component count by integrating key functional safety features on a single chip. The PXS2010 module is ideal for safety-critical and general industrial applications, including factory automation, process control, robotics, rail, FDA Class III medical, aviation and smart metering.
  • The PXS2010 module is also part of Freescale’s SafeAssure functional safety program, which is designed to help system manufacturers more easily achieve system compliance with functional safety standards: International Standards Organization (ISO) 26262 and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 61508. The program highlights Freescale solutions – hardware and software – that are optimally designed to support functional safety implementations and come with a rich set of enablement collateral. For more information, visit
Peripheral modules:
  • TWR – MEM – PISMO: The TWR- MEM- PISMO provides access to a PISMO2 memory socket for evaluating a variety of memory types and sizes.
  • TWR – MC – LV3PH: The TWR- MC- LV3PH Low- Voltage 3-Phase Motor Control module enables the addition of three-phase brushless DC and permanent magnet synchronous motor control capabilities to Tower System designs.
  • TWRPI – MMA845XQ: Offered as a plug-in for various Tower System modules, the TWRPI-MMA845XQ accelerometer is a smart, low-power, three-axis, capacitive micro-machined accelerometer with 14 bits of resolution.
  • TWRPI – TOUCH – STR: Bundled as a comprehensive set of four plug-ins, or snap-in components, the TWRPI- TOUCH- STR is designed to bring touch sensing to Tower System designs.
Freescale at DESIGN West 2012

Come see the Tower System in action at DESIGN West 2012. Freescale will be featuring the Tower System through hands-on training as part of the Build Your Own Embedded System (BYOES) program, and through demonstrations and training located inside the Freescale booth. Plus, watch for an ever increasing number of partner-designed Tower Systems throughout the show floor.

Pricing and availability

All Tower System modules mentioned here are available now and affordably priced, starting at $25 USD (MSRP). Complete Tower System kits are available starting at $99 USD (MSRP). Visit for specific pricing and availability.

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