Free Energy – The BIGGEST Lie about it

Free energy lie
There is a big lie about free energy and we are about to tell you why! Are you ready?

Here it is: there is energy all around us and it is free! Yes, you read it right, free energy is everywhere around you, and this is no joke! Actually the only joke is that THEY (you know who) do not want to provide it for FREE! Are you curious?

Let me tell you the real facts about this topic and how we are fooled into thinking that we must pay a lot for the energy they deliver. Take 5 minutes of your time to read this article and you’ll probably start to see the truth with your own eyes.

How to make money from nothing (free energy)

All you have to do in order to make money from nothing is:

  1. to build huge hydroelectric dams that produce electricity from the energy of falling water and running water
  2. build solar farms that collect the Sun power
  3. harvest the wind energy using wind turbines
  4. use nuclear fission to generate electricity
  5. try to create perpetuum mobile or overunity generators

But wait, all of that costs lots of money!

Yes it does, but all of that money is from taxes! The taxes that you have to pay every month! How do you think a country makes money? It can export its goods and services receiving money in exchange and this money is used to pay the people that worked for it. People use their earnings to buy food, services, pay bills and taxes that eventually are used as government budget. So now the government has your money and decides what to do with it but almost always they spend it without improving the quality of our lives, or in other cases they steal or squander it!

However in cash strapped countries (virtually all), the bulk of collected taxes go to service the interest on ‘public debt.’ As a result, in order to obtain sufficient funding for large capital projects most countries must subsequently borrow the money from to the private bankers. The principal is virtually never repaid and when the interest becomes unmaneageable, the countries default and the assets go to the bankers. There has to be a better way… DO NOT BORROW!

Watch this video to see the Biggest Scam in the history of mankind!

How to use all of that money to improve our lives

But let’s imagine for one second what it would be like if they could use that money to build solar farms and wind turbines. It might take a few years before they could provide 100% GREEN energy to all the people, but once the process is finished WE ALL COULD PAY ALMOST ZERO DOLLARS for the energy!

Of course that we would have to pay a few dollars for maintenance, employees and all that! Wait, what about their profit? What about it? Why do they have to make a profit from the energy that is offered free by our Sun and wind? We paid to build all, we are paying their salaries, what more do they want from us?

And this is when our lives change!

By having to pay less for the energy we could improve our quality of life, the prices will go down, the food will be cheaper and even the salaries could increase because our employers and the manufacturers would have reduced electricity rates.

We could live a better life and we could help other countries where the food is scarce and eventually they could afford to build enough “free energy” power stations thus reaching a point when all the planet is 100% green!

But greed and slavery are against us

Yes, this is the sad truth: a lot of greedy people want to make a lot of money from nothing. They used our money to build power stations and then they force us to pay a lot for the generated electricity that is already free because it is provided by the wind, water and Sun. Others are using this evil plan to keep us slaves by forcing us to pay a lot of our money in exchange for ever expensive food, services and shelter. Also, bankers are notorious for getting virtually everyone into debt slavery.

They keep us in debt otherwise we would have been free and have more time to practice our hobbies and enjoy our beautiful life. I am not saying that we wouldn’t have to work anymore, but eight hours are already too much to be truly free.

People power

What can we do?

We can do a lot if we connect to each other and share the truth because the internet can make this change and unite us. This is why they want to change the internet, making it READ-ONLY, meaning that you could only read it and not write your opinions and ideas. We cannot allow this to happen!

We can join our forces and speak out loud that: we had enough and we want a change BECAUSE WE KNOW THE TRUTH! We know that they are making money from the free energy but they still force us to pay a lot for it! We want to be free and live our lifes as we are supposed to!

Only if we are united and remember that we are the same people whether Asians, Africans, Europeans or Americans, we all want to be free of poverty, slavery and lies!

Ways to produce free energy

how hidroelectricity is made

This explains how this clean, renewable energy is produced and how this utility keeps its citizens equipment up to date.

concentrated solar thermal power station

Please watch this video to see how concentrated solar power is used to generate electricity. It is only a 4 minute clip.

wind turbine that generate electricity

See how wind turbines generate clean electricity from the power of the wind.

how nuclear plants work

This animation explains nuclear power plants in detail and how they work.

overunity motor generators

Do you see these people who are trying to create free energy and how they are usally failing in demonstrating that the devices they built are providing enough energy? They do not know about the biggest lie and they are living it and believe it every day. But hey, it worth the pain if you want to create free energy and sell it for a lot of money, no? Otherwise they would have offer the details to build the motor for free so everyone could build it and live free, am I wrong?

Here is Muammer Yildiz and his magnetic motor

One other thing about this free energy generators with magnetic motors: why they never show us how it works with a light bulb? I know about those videos where they connect a load but people saw how fake they are.

Other resources

Jon Rappoport sits in for Alex Jones and breaks down all the ways the government suppressing free energy and stopping medical advancements.

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