FM Transmitter 4W by 2N3553

This is a small but quite powerful FM transmitter having three RF stages incorporating an audio preamplifier for better modulation. t has an output power of 4 Watts and works off 12-18 VDC which makes it easily portable. It is the ideal project for the beginner who wishes to get started in the fascinating world of FM broadcasting and wants a good basic circuit to experiment with.

FM Transmitter 4W by 2N3553

Technical Specifications – Characteristics

Modulation type: …….. FM
Frequency range: …. 88-108 MHz
Working voltage: ….. 12-18 VDC
Maximum current: ……. 450 mA
Output power: ………… 4 W

Parts List

TR1 = TR2 = 2N2219 NPN
TR3 = 2N3553 NPN
TR4 = BC547/BC548 NPN
D1 = 1N4148 diode *
MIC = crystalic microphone

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