Flashing Heart circuit diagram

This is LED flashing circuit, the circuit is quite simple. Alternatively, you could be create another shape, not just heart shape.

Schematic diagram:

Flashing Heart schematic

Component list:

R1, R2 470 ohm, 1/2-watt
R3-R5 100 ohm, 3-watt
R6-R8 1000 ohm, 1.4-watt
R9 5000 ohm potentiometer
C1, C2 100uF, 16 volts, electrolytic radial
IC1 4047, low power monostable/astable multivibrator
Q1-Q3 2n3643 NPN transistor or equivalent
LED1-LED84 yellow light-emitting diode
LED85-LED126 red light-emitting diode
LED127-LED142 green light-emitting diode
Other components
PS1 12VDC @ 500mA wall transformer
Miscellaneous: Jumper wire, solder, printed circuit board,
drill and bits,14 pin I.C. socket, and a frame or case.

PCB layout:

Flashing Heart schematic

Component placement:

Flashing Heart schematic

Once power has been applied to the circuit, the Red LEDs should all be flashing on and off together. The Yellow LEDs should be flashing on and off, but only every other Yellow LED should be on at one time. The Green LEDs will stay on at all times. The flash rate can be adjusted by turning R9. Connections for a fixed value resistor for R9 are provided on the board layout if preferred.To dress up the project, a favorite photograph can be placed in the heart, and a frame can be made to fit the circuit board.

Complete explanation, please visit this page

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