First Wide Terminal 0406 Chip Resistors

First Wide Terminal 0406 Chip Resistors

First Wide Terminal 0406 Chip Resistors

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. introduced new professional and precision series wide terminal thin film chip resistors that are the industry’s first such devices in the compact 0406 case size.

Vishay’s MCW 0406 AT professional and precision resistors are designed to deliver stable performance in harsh and high-temperature applications. The professional series devices feature high-temperature performance to 175 °C for 1000 hours and high power ratings of 300 mW at an ambient temperature of 85 °C. Compared to traditional resistors, typically rated at 70°C with film temperatures of 125°C or 155°C, the MCW 0406 AT series defines a new standard in technology and performance.

There is an increasing demand for electronic components that can handle higher levels of temperature and power. But whenever they are mounted in areas exposed to heat, the electrical dissipation of resistors is dramatically derated due to a limitation by the permissible film temperature. High temperatures also increase the drift of resistance.

The high temperature and high dissipation ratings of the MCW 0406 AT resistors allow designers to use these devices in harsh and high-temperature environments without compromising power rating or electrical performance. The devices are equally effective whether the application requires their full power capability or only a fraction of the nominal rated dissipation in order to gain improved stability.

The excellent high-temperature performance of the MCW 0406 AT series includes a robust ability to handle thermal cycling and biased humidity. On a four-layer FR4 printed circuit board, the devices handle up to 2500 cycles of rapid temperature change over a span of – 40 °C to 125 °C. High humidity robustness is achieved by a unique lacquer system. The devices are likewise qualified per accelerated tests including operation at 85 °C at 85 % relative humidity for 1000 hours, making the MCW 0406 AT suitable for virtually any application. For automotive applications, the resistors will be qualified according to AEC-Q200.

The precision series offers low TCRs down to ±15 ppm/K and tight tolerances of ± 0.1 %. The MCW 0406 AT devices released today offer a resistance range from 100 kΩ down to 47 Ω.

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