Fastest 16-bit DAC at 1.5 GSPS

Fastest 16-bit DAC at 1.5 GSPS

Fastest 16 bit DAC at 15 GSPS

Continuing to push the limits of data converter performance, Texas Instruments Incorporated introduced the industry’s fastest 16-bit digital-to-analog converter (DAC). The quad DAC34SH84 is 50-percent faster and uses 50-percent less power than the closest 16-bit DAC alternative, clocking in at 1.5 GSPS and consuming just 362 mW per channel. The DAC34SH84 provides an easy, pin-compatible upgrade from the 1.25-GSPS DAC34H84 for customers wanting to maximize speed in 3G, LTE, GSM and WiMAX wireless base stations and repeaters; microwave point-to-point radio; software defined radio; and waveform generation systems. For more information and to order samples, visit

Key features and benefits of the DAC34SH84
  • Increased bandwidth: 750-MSPSperDAC input rate supports up to 600-MHz complex bandwidth for fifth order linearization of 120 MHz – three times wider than the competition when running at maximum sample rates.
  • Frequency agility: 2x to 16x interpolation and two independent, 32-bit numerically controlled oscillators lower the interface rate and cost of FPGAs while providing flexibility in frequency planning.
  • RF sideband image suppression: On-chip calibration of complete RF transmit path suppresses sideband and local oscillator feed-through while driving IQ modulators, such as the new TRF3705.
  • Fastest 16-bit DACs available: The DAC34SH84 joins the DAC3484 family, which includes the industry’s next-fastest 16-bit DACs: the quad, 1.25-GSPS DAC3484 and DAC34H84, and the dual, 1.25-GSPS DAC3482. In addition to speed, the family helps designers maximize the power efficiency of their designs.
Tools and support

The DAC34SH84EVM evaluation module can be purchased today for US$499. It includes transformer-coupled IF outputs to evaluate the DAC34SH84 directly.

For complete bits-to-RF transmitter prototyping, the TSW30SH84EVM includes the DAC34SH84 in addition to the TRF3705 IQ modulator; LMK04800 ultra-low jitter clock cleaner; TI power management devices, such as DC/DC converters and low-noise LDOs; and a power amplifier. The TSW30SH84EVM is available today for a suggested retail price of US$499.

For sourcing patterns at high speeds into the DAC34SH84EVM, the new TSW1400EVM pattern generation module, also announced today, features a high-speed, double-data rate LVDS (low-voltage differential signaling) output bus that provides 16 bits of data at 1.5 GSPS per bit. When combined with the DAC34SH84EVM or TSW30SH84EVM, the TSW1400EVM enables modulated pattern generation with a large on-board memory while offering a flexible evaluation environment. The TSW1400EVM is available today for a suggested retail price of US$649.

The new TSW1406EVM pattern generation module provides a lower-cost alternative for simple pattern generation up to 1 GSPS per bit. It will be available in March for a suggested retail price of US$99.

An IBIS model to verify board signal integrity requirements is also available.

Availability, packaging and pricing

The DAC34SH84 is sampling now in a small 12-mm x 12-mm BGA package. Production quantities are expected in 2Q 2012 for a suggested retail price of US$78 in 1,000-unit quantities.

TI at Mobile World Congress

Going to Mobile World Congress (MWC)? Visit TI at Booth 8A84 (Hall 8) to hear the latest analog, embedded processing, wireless, and DLP® news. While there, check out a broad range of TI-based demos for the wireless infrastructure and mobile device markets, including the DAC34SH84. For more information and to follow TI’s MWC activities virtually, visit

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