Fastest 14-bit Sample-and-Hold Amplifier

Fastest 14-bit Sample-and-Hold Amplifier

Fastest 14 bit Sample and Hold Amplifier

Datel, a business unit of Murata Power Solutions has announced what it claims is the world’s fastest stand alone 14bit sample and hold amplifier.

According to the company, the SHM-14 amplifier has a 70MHz full power bandwidth and 250MHz small signal bandwidth that achieves 12 and 14bit acquisitions within 25ns (/-0.012%) and 35ns (/-0.003%) respectively.

Datel adds that the low power device has an aperture jitter within 1ps and a low output noise of 65uV rms. Output linearity is within +/-0.0023%, while digital sample/hold inputs are differential and compatible with all logic families including TTL, CMOS and ECL.

The SHM-14 is constructed in a hermetically sealed 16pin ceramic LCC package measuring 10.67 × 10.67 × 1.65mm. It’s guaranteed to operate across the military temperature range of -55 to 125°C and RoHS and non RoHS compliant versions are available.

Powered from +/-5Vdc and consuming 275mW, typical applications for the device include radar, multichannel data acquisition systems, spectrum analysis, direct IF sampling and correlated double samplers for CCD detectors. The SHM – 14 is manufactured in a MIL – PRF-38534 certified facility.

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