Electrical Wiring Diagram Of 2002 Suzuki GRX R1000K2

The wiring connction that we are about to show here is the electrical wiring diagram of the 2001 Suzuki GRX R1000K2. Before making any wiring work on your Suzuki motorcycle and to prevent any wrong wiring connection, please make sure to read and understand about the wiring diagram shown here first,. The parts we will meet inside this electrical wiring diagram of 2002 Suzuki GRX R1000K will be like: turn signal indicator light, high beam indicator light, neutral indicator light, fuel indicator light, oil pressure/engine coolant, speedometer, turn signal light, headlight, fan motor switch, fan motor, horn button, turn signal switch, dimmer switch, clutch lever position switch, horn, fuse box, fan motor relay, AP sensor, ECT sensor, EXVC actuator, IAP sensor, STV actuator, injector, TP sensor, fuel pump/fuel level switch, fuel pump relay, oil pressure switch, OP switch, CMP sensor, CKP sensor, generator, regulator/rectifier, starter motor, starter relay, battery, ear turn signal light, license plate light, brake/tail light, ignition coil/plug cap, side-stand switch, ignition switch, front brake switch, starter switch, engine stop switch, and speed sensor. (click image to enlarge)

Electrical wiring of 2002 suzuki grx r1000k2

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