Easy stereo VU-meter by KA2284

A poor people and the beginners it has a heart. We would like to propose a electronic VU meter projects on economy model that has stereo each side are 5 LEDs
This projects, unless will be used as the VU-meter for measure a output of power amplifier. also can be used as the signal meter, for measure amplitude of signal input from Tuner or CD player as well. They therefore have very worthwhile.

How it works
Heart of the working of this circuit is KA2284 (AC/DC 5-Dot Dual Led Level Meter Driver IC that is DIY Good Quality New DIP-9). Which is designed to display a bar, by has changing Logarithm mode that Shows the of each of LEDs, are -10, -5,0,3 and 6 dB.

The output of this circuit can drive each LEDs that current higher up to 15mA

The application of this project is very easy. Due to use a few components as circuit in Figure 1
How to build this projects.

Easy stereo vu meter by ka2284

Figure 1 Easy stereo VU-meter circuit using KA2284

This project is built easily, just connects all components as circuit layout to correctly they works surely.

What should be extra careful is the connecting LEDs and electrolyte capacitors, Do not have the alternating polarity is strictly prohibited.
In addition Figure 2, shows pictures PCB and device location. For beginner or safety, IC it should use the socket. This may be be done by bringing socket 18 leg, cut into 2 pcs.

Pin 1 of the IC is considered one of the notches. Or it may will rounded. Or there mainly point.
PCB components layout of vu meter projectsusing ka2284

Figure 2 the PCB and Components layout of this projects

When build completely then provides voltage to this circuit. Next connect a output of power amplifier to input of this project. Next , adjust a volume of the amplifier. We will see LED running beautifully as follows amplitude of the input signal.

From the circuit to see that, we have to focus on design the beautiful. LEDs run separated from each,from the center to the left and right. Which, if not desirable. It may be a new LED model.

All components list.
IC1,IC2____________KA2284 ____AC/DC 5-Dot Dual Led Level Meter Driver
LED1-10____________LED 5mm.____as you like
R1,R2______________68 ohms_____ resistors 0.25W +/-5%
VR1,VR2____________10K_________resistors 0.25W +/-5%
C1,C6______________10uF 16V_____Electrolytic capacitors
C2,C5______________0.1uF 50V____Polyester capacitors
C3,C4______________2.2uF 50V____ Electrolytic capacitors

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