Easy power supply 0-15V , 0-1A

Easy power supply 0 15V , 0 1A

This is easy circuit power supply, variable regulator adjustable voltage output 0V to 15V and Current adjust 0A to 1Amax. Use normal electronics part.

TR1 provides a constant current to a bank of three zener diodes, thus maintaining a constant voltage independant of supply voltage variations. The resistor Rx is used to sense the PSU output current and to switches off the current to the zener diodes should the output current become excessive. The 1M0 (logarithmic taper) pot causes the current sensor (TR2) to “kick-in early”, so providing a variable current threshold limit. The value of RX should be (0.7/Amperes) ohms, where Amperes is the maximum output of the bench PSU. The prototype was set to 1-ampere, so Rx should be 0.5 / 1.000 = 0.5 ohms. The resistor should be rated at 1-watt, or 2x 1R0 500mW resistors in parallel for 1-ampere maximum output. I have used 4x 1R0 ohms in parallel (0.25 ohms) and have achieved 2-amperes (with a bigger heatsink).

The reference diodes provide a voltage reference of 10.7-volts with tappings at 4.7-volts and 7.7-volts. The 7.7-volt tapping is used as the reference voltage. In this way we have a 6-volt swing selected by the 50K voltage pot, above and below the 7.7-volt reference. This voltage swing is amplified by the operational amplifer formed by TR3, TR4, TR5 and TR6. The DC output of the Op-Amp is arranged to give a voltage gain of a little over 2, so the 4.7-volts to 10.7-volts reference will become 0 to 15.4-volts at the output. I had thought about using PCB mounting pots, but the finished PCB is quite large and the heatsink must be quite substantial (see below). Here is the finished PSU PCB. I must emphasise that this is a prototype and not the final PCB which is much better in the layout.

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