DIY storage for the electronics hand tools

The Electronic Workbench has many electronic hand tools.

My wife mutter too much, Because my the electronic desk that clutter with them.
We should have the good storage system, making we can use them easily and nice and tidy.

So she volunteer to make the DIY storage to me. It can keeping many hand tools such as: various screw driver,more much pliers,many size of Wire cutters, the desoldering pump, and others etc.

I designed a its layouts for her. As Figure 1

1 layouts

Then, cut the wood as layouts see in Figure 2

2 cutting the wood as layouts

Next, Assemble all the woods with screws as the layouts unstill finished. And Drill holes for insert various screw drivers above see in Figure 3

3 assemble woods as layout

Then, take the hole iron to use as first holder for pliers. As Figure 4 This section must strong and stable because some pliers large size and a lot of weight such as the Wire strippers etc.

4 Installation all  pliers holders

Then, hold the small the hole iron at side to slightly slope to easy to use as Figure 5

5 installed steel hole in the side

Next, Hold tightly the third hole steel, which at front with a hex nut-screw as Figure 6

6  Hold tightly the third hole steel

See Installation of steel in different views.

7 Installation Iron hole with wood

Tilting iron hole, to place plier steady.
8 Tilting iron hole to place plier steady

Then, painted green and wait for them to dry ready for use.

Try placing the tool

Figure 9 we use a larger wires to make a slot for insert the Clippers is more convenient.
9 Solid wires for scissors

Figure 10 At side, We build the holder for the desoldering pump with a 1 inch pipe strapping Is available fits quite well .
10  at side to holder for the desoldering pump

DIY storage for the electronics hand tools to complete. as Figure 11
11 DIY storage for the electronics hand tools to complete

It helped me to be more organized workspace. Thank my wife And his daughter harassed … (not) to encourage alongside us.

Note: Working procedures of this article, not the details, because my wife said we need is just a concept to your friends.

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