DIY Soldering Iron

The article will guide
you on how a soldering iron can be constructed on your own. Moreover, it
will not cost you too much. Read on to know more.

The soldering iron is a battery operated one. A relay is added so
that the battery is turned off once the adaptor is plugged to a socket. A
soldering iron is required to solder the battery holder, switches and
the wires. If a soldering iron is not available, the wires can be
twisted together and covered using insulation tape. But this may not be
the best approach.
The hardware required for this project is listed below:
Soldering iron tip
6V battery holder
A Switch
Wooden box
E-10 lamp base
Soldering iron
Firstly, the design should be created. Since the iron can hande only a
current of about 1.7 amps, components that take a lot of current should
not be used. All the components are mounted in a wooden box. This makes
it portable and easy to use. In case this has to be transformed into a
plug in iron, all that needs to be done is to replace the battery pack
with a 6 volt DC wall wart.

That’s it. The soldering iron is now ready to be used. The circuit can be modified to suit any specific requirements.

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