Diode Clippers – Applications

Application of Diode Clipper

In this article, all the applications of diode clipper is explained in detail.

There are numerous applications for diode clippers. They find wide application in television receiver for separating synchronizing signals from composite picture signals and also in television transmitters at the time of processing the picture signals. They are also employed for different wave generation such as trapezoidal, square or rectangular waves. Series clippers are employed as noise limiters in FM transmitters by clipping excessive noise peaks above a specified level.

The diode clipper can be used for the protection of different types of circuits. For example, a digital circuit against transients which may cause considerable damage. The arrangement is shown in the figure given below.

Diode Clipper   Applications
Diode Clipper – Applications

When a transient takes place on the input line, as shown in figure given below, diode D2 gets forward biased and starts conducting. Thus transient is shorted to ground and the circuit is protected from damage due to transient.

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