DC Motor Speed Controller Project

The DC motor speed control project is intended to manage the pace of a DC motor by means of an 8051 sequence micro-controller. The pace of DC motor is straightforwardly relative to the voltage functional across its terminals. Therefore, if voltage through motor terminal is different, then pace can too be different.

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This assignment makes use of the above theory to manage the pace of the motor by changing the function series of the throb functional to it (commonly acknowledged as PWM control). The assignment bring into play two input keys interfaced to the micro-controller, which are brought into play to manage the pace of motor. Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) is produced at the yield by the micro-controller as per the series.


The schedule can be printed in Embedded C or Assembly language. The standard voltage supplied or the standard current passing all the way through the motor will alter depending on the function series (ON & OFF moment of the pulse), so the pace of the motor will vary. For receiving PWM indications, motor driver’s IC is connected to the micro-controller for distributing much wanted output for pace control of a small DC machine. In addition the DC motor speed control project can be improved by bringing into play power electrical gadgets like IGBTs to get speed control top capacity industrialized motors.

Block Diagram of the DC Motor Speed Control

DC Motor Speed Control Block

DC Motor Speed Control Requirements

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