Contest #2: Guess the Component!

UPDATE 1: The last accepted comment was made on February 28, 2014 at 4:23 pm. We no longer accept participants to this contest.

UPDATE 2: please write your opinion if you believe the winner gave an incorrect answer and I made a mistake. Also excuse me for not showing the list during the draw.

Hi guys, this is the second contest that we organize on and this one might be a little bit harder than the first one where the object was a thermostat. Now you have to guess the component identified as K25 in the schematic you can see below then write a comment with the name of the component and what is its purpose inside the circuit. The winner of the first contest is not allowed to participate.

Guess the component

I will make a list with all the correct answers and afterwards I will use to select the winner of a $30 Amazon gift card. This contest will end on February 28 at 23:59 UTC time, so hurry up if you want to enter this contest.

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