Computer Power Supply Options

Power supply options

The quality of power supply depends not only on power output. Experience shows that if a room is more than one computer and electrical network quality is low (often disappears voltage noise occurs, etc.), systems with powerful power supply systems work much better with low-cost units to be installed in some models of low-class .

Please note that ensures a manufacturer service ability power supply (and its attached systems) under the following circumstances:

  • completely disconnected network at any time;
  • any decrease in supply voltage;
  • short-term emissions with an amplitude of up to 2500 V (!) at the input power supply (eg, lightning strike).

Good power supplies are of high quality insulation leakage current – 500 mA, which is important if the power outlet is poorly grounded or not grounded. As you can see, the requirements for high-quality devices, it is very hard. Of course, it is desirable that your power supply to meet them.

To assess the quality of power supply using different criteria. Many consumers have when buying a computer is neglected the value of the power supply, so some assemblers of personal computers reduce the cost of it. It’s no secret that much more price increases due to computer memory or more high capacity hard drive, not a better power supply.

When you decide buying a computer (or a replacement power supply), there are several pc power supply parameters that can be considered.

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