Complete Electrical Wiring Diagram Of 1971 Toyota Land Cruiser Part 2

Herein we will see a schematic about the complete electrical wiring diagram of the 1971 Toyota Land Cruiser part 2. Actually there are two parts of this complete electrical wiring diagram, but we will divide it into two different post because of its large size, you can see the part 1 at below related post. Make sure to read the complete wiring diagram comprehensively before attempting any wiring work on your Toyota Land Cruiser wiring connections. The parts we will see in the part 2 complete wiring diagram is like: instrument light switch, inspection socket light, front blower motor, fuse, front drive indicator switch, horn relay, marker light, tail light, backup light switch, ignition switch, light switch, left turn indicator, oil pressure gauge, trailer socket charge over switch, instrument light, high beam indicator, fuel gauge, license light, trailer socket, ammeter, right turn indicator, horn button, turn signal switch, front drive indicator light, windshield wiper & washer switch, rear heater switch, hazard flasher switch, interior light switch cigar lighter, stop & direction light, rear blower motor, and gas gauge (tank unit). (click image to enlarge)

Complete electrical wiring of 1971 toyota land cruiser part 2

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