Common-Mode Chokes up to 8.0 A

Common-Mode Chokes up to 8.0 A

Common Mode Chokes up to 80 A

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. announced the release of three new surface-mount, common-mode chokes offering low DC resistance, high current-handling capability, and high stability for DC power lines.

The new ICM – 2824, ICM – 3528, and ICM – 4743 common-mode chokes from Vishay Dale are designed to provide noise suppression for power line applications in local area networks (LAN), personal computers, CD-ROM drives, telephones, and electronic games.

The devices released today feature low maximum DC resistance from just 0.006 Ω up to 0.015 Ω at rated currents from 8.0 A down to 4.0 A, and common-mode impedance ranging from 300 Ω to 1500 Ω at 100 MHz. All three chokes provide a maximum rated voltage of 80 VDC, insulation resistance of 10 MΩ, and an operating temperature range of – 25 °C to + 85 °C.

Offered in lead- (Pb) free, surface-mount packages with treated base terminals, the devices allow for easy mounting to the PCB and feature a paired wire coil for high stability. The ICM-2824, ICM-3528, and ICM-4743 measure 7 mm by 6 mm, 9 mm by 7 mm, and 12 mm by 11 mm, respectively, with maximum heights of 4 mm, 5 mm, and 6.3 mm.

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