Circuit Project: 12KV High Voltage Generator

The hobby circuit below
uses an unusual method to generate about 12,000 volts with about 5uA of
current. Two SCRs form two pulse generator circuits. The two SCRs discharge a 0.047uF a 400v capacitor through a xenon lamp trigger coil at 120 times a second.

The high voltage pulses produced at the secondary of the trigger
coil are rectified using two 6KV damper diodes. The voltage doubler
circuit at the secondary of the trigger coil charges up two high voltage
disc capacitors up to about 12KV. Although this circuit can’t produce a
lot of current be very careful with it. A 12KV spark can jump about
0.75 of an inch so the electronic circuit needs to be carefully wired
with lots of space between components.

Source: DiscoverCircuits

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