Church bell Controller






This circuit is a church bell controller. Basic component is an ATmega32 microcontroller. At the circuit 1 24LC32 eeprom memories is being used.

As control I created a menu who will be appeared on 4×20 LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). The menu browsing can be done by 6 buttons at the face of the circuit’s box (Menu, Up, Down, Enter, Start, Stop). The all firmware binds about 30Kbytes flash memory and can be increased by adding new features-functions. This program has been written in C with CVAVR compiler.

The idea of this circuit is being given by a friend of mine who has an foundry and he is building bells. I have made the PCB by my self.


1. More 75 different melodies (ADAM, PANYGJRJKO, AGJORJKO, etc)
2. Control of electrometrical clock of church with the production of pulse of duration 1Sec each one minute.
3. Automatic correction in case of power loss.
4. Percussion of clock each half but also entire hours, with possibility of choice of hours of silence (for tourist regions and hours of common quietness).
5. Manual correction of electromechanical clock.
6. All regulations become with the help of guidance (menu, up, down, enter, start, stop)
7. When it runs a rhythm we have the possibility of increase or decrease her speed, the information will stored in memory 24LC32.
8. Display time (DS1307), with backup battery.
9. All the in formations are displayed on 4X20 LCD.
10. Control up to 5 bells and 1 clock.
11. The user create his own program







Church bell Controller PCB_th






Church bell Controller photo_1_th


Church bell Controller photo_2_th


Church bell Controller photo_3_th


Improved version

Church bell Controller photo_5

Church bell Controller

Church bell Controller photo_7


Download this project in ZIP

Download Manual (in Greek language)


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