Timer Circuits

Hacks and Mods: Timer Mod

Normally, the timer clocks we find in stores have to be plugged in to the electrical current to work. It becomes very difficult when you require something that works on batteries The best solution is to build yourself one. It is easy to turn an electrically operated timer into a battery operated timer. {image} First […]

Simple timer with PIC16F628A

  This is a quick project for a timer. Recently I finished my UV light exposure box and thought that it will be convenient to have a build in timer to switch off the light after preset time. So I had a PIC16F628A lying around and after searching the web I found a Brazilian site […]

1 to 100 Seconds Timer

  This project is a 1 to 100 Seconds Timer based on 555 IC Description This project is a timer project and build around popular 555 Timer IC, It can be used for all application required a delay of up to 100 Seconds. Onboard board preset to adjust the required timer duration in range of  […]

Long Duration Timer Schematic

Description This timer project can be used to switch ON/OFF any device after a set time, this circuit can be used in lots of application like switched ON/OFF Radio, TV, Fan, Pump, kitchen timer, the circuit describe here its unique in its own. Project has been designed around two CMOS IC CD4001 and CD4020.  Two gates […]

Auto Switch Water Pump

In this post I will show you a simple electronic circuit that can hopefully be useful in our daily lives. AUTO SWITCH WATER PUMP Often the water in the reservoir at the house we always spill when the shelter is full. List of components: R1 = 100K C1, 2 = 47N 5K6 R2 = C3 […]

4541 Timer Relay Circuit 0.3 second to 10 hours

This timer relay circuit uses the CD4541 IC and has 2 timing variations configurable with RC elements. The specifications of this timer are: modes of operation: astable/monostable the output has a 6A/250V relay with NC/NO contacts LED signals exiting the timing state manual programming done with a DIP-switch 12V voltage operation Schematic of the Timer […]

555 Timer – A Complete Basic Guide

A complete basic tutorial of 555 Timer IC. This article covers every basic aspect of 555 Timer IC. You may already know that SE/NE 555 is a Timer IC introduced by Signetics corporation in 1970′s. In this article we cover the following information about 555 Timer IC. 1. Introduction to 555 Timer IC 2. 555 […]

Power outages prediction circuit

This circuit can be used to prevent a power failure. Example: Microcomputer systems. This circuit will send logic pulse “1″ shortly before the power goes out completely. To trigger the power outage protection circuit for working. Or use to trigger the storage circuit to keep your important data in memory is used by battery power. […]

Dynamic Compressors without power supply

This dynamic compressors circuit that The reduction rate of the signal up to 20 dB at input between 100 mV to 10 volts. This circuit does not use external power. But used part of the input signal into a power supply. To reduce size of the signal. A part of the input signal is rectified […]

3000 watts Dimmer for Inductor Load

This is the 3,000 watts Dimmer for inductor load example: the Electric Fan, AC motor,Electric drill etc. But most general dimmers is used for resistors load only such as lamp, soldering iron, heating coil,etc. Why our project can do© The normal dimmer cannot use for inductor load, because the phase of current and voltage drop […]