Timer Circuits

High Low Voltage Cutout Without Timer

This inexpensive circuit can be connected to an air-conditioner/fridge or to any other sophisticated electrical appliance for its protection. Generally, costly voltage stabilizers are used with such appliances for maintaining constant AC voltage. However, due to fluctuations in AC mains supply, a regular ‘click’ sound in the relays is heard. The frequent energisation/de-energisation of the […]

Egg Timer Circuit

This egg timer, which is both simple and functional, shows once again that it is not essential to use a microcontroller for everything these days. The circuit consists of only two ICs from the standard 4000 logic family, a multi-position rotary switch and a few individual components. The combination of a 4040 oscillator/counter and a […]

Three Hour Timer

Manufacturers of cordless drills generally recommend a battery charging time of three hours. Once the charging time is up the battery must be disconnected from the charger: if you forget to do this there is a danger of overcharging the battery. This circuit, which sits between the charger circuit and its battery socket, prevents that […]

Flip-Flop Timer Using 4017

This circuit shows how a 4017 CMOS decade counter can be used to build a timer circuit. Push-button S1 will discharge capacitor C1 through resistor R2. When S1 is released, C1 will charge up through R1 causing a rising edge at the clock input of IC1. This causes the output Q1 to go high (to […]

Switch Timer For Bathroom Light

This 9-minute timer switch can be used to control the light in a toilet or bathroom. The timer is started by pushing S1 and stopped by pushing S1 again. If you forget to turn it off, the controlled light will go off after nine minutes. If you need the light on continuously non-stop, you need […]

4-Minute Shower Timer

Gone are the days when we can afford to luxuriate under a hot shower for hours on end. Well, maybe the showers weren’t quite that long but most people are used to taking showers in the tens of minutes. It’s easy to lose track of time in the shower. And it does feel nice. Mounted […]

An Accurate Reaction Timer

Add a cheap stopwatch to this circuit to produce an accurate reaction timer. The circuit is wired in parallel with the start/stop button in the watch via a 2.5mm socket, which fits snugly in one corner of the casing. The person conducting the test (the “tester”) resets the stopwatch and turns on the reaction timer’s […]

Telephone Ringer Using Timer ICs

Using modulated rectangular waves of different time periods, the circuit presented here produces ringing tones similar to those produced by a telephone. The circuit requires four astable multivibrators for its working. Therefore two 556 ICs are used here. The IC 556 contains two timers (similar to 555 ICs) in a single package. One can also […]

Multipurpose Flip-Flop Timer

This particular timing circuit can be used to time one-shot events from a few seconds to a few hours. And in standby mode (ie, with RLY1 and LED1 off), its power consumption is very low. The heart of this circuit is a low-cost CMOS 4011 quad NAND gate, with IC1a & IC1b configured as a […]

On/Off Timer

If you need an adjustable ‘on’ or ‘off’ time for some application, then this is the circuit you have been looking for. A problem that often occurs when adjusting timers is that the individual times affect each other. This circuit completely solves this problem because the time defining elements — both R and C — […]