Tester Circuits

Lambda Probe Readout For Carburettor Tuning

A lambda probe (or oxygen sensor) can be found on the exhaust system of most cars running on unleaded fuel. Having reached its normal operating temperature (of about 600 degrees Celsius!) the lambda probe supplies an output voltage proportional to the amount of residual oxygen measured in the exhaust gas. This information is indicative of, […]

12/24/48 V D.C. Tester

The present tester is intended primarily for testing the 24 V electrical circuits found on most pleasure craft. However, if the resistors are given different values, the circuit may, of course, be used for other voltage ranges. For 12 V, the value of the resistors should be 1.2 k?, and for 48 V, 4.7 k?. […]

Voice Bandwidth Filter

This circuit passes frequencies in the 300Hz – 3.1kHz range, as present in human speech. The circuit consists of cascaded high-pass and low-pass filters, which together form a complete band-pass filter. One half of a TL072 dual op amp (IC1a) together with two capacitors and two resistors make up a second-order Sallen-Key high-pass filter. With […]

Servo Tester Using A 4538

There are times when a small servo tester for modelling comes in very useful. Everybody who regularly works with servos will know several instances when such a servo tester will come in handy. The function of a servo tester is to generate a pulsing signal where the width of the positive pulse can be varied […]

Infra-Red Remote Tester

This little circuit is invaluable for quick go/no-go testing of just about any remote control transmitting infra-red (IR) light. The tester is battery-powered, built from just a handful of commonly available and inexpensive parts, and fits in a compact enclosure. Schmitt trigger gate IC1f is used as a quasi-analogue amplifier with, unusually, an infra-red emitting […]

Wire Tracer (Transmitter)

The circuit depicted here forms one half of a device that will prove extremely handy when tracing the path of electrical wiring in a building or to locate a break in a wire. The system is based on similar equipment that is used by technicians in telephone exchanges. The operation is straightforward. You require a […]

Liquid-Crystal Display (LCD) Tester

Liquid-crystal displays come in all sorts and sizes, and this applies also to their pinouts. In fact, many of these displays cannot be used properly without the manufacturers’ documentation. But, of course, this can never be found when it is needed, and a small tester to unravel the terminals may, therefore, be found very handy. […]

Bipolar Transistor Tester

This tester is primarily meant to test bipolar transistors. It can indicate the type of the transistor as well as identify its base, collector and emitter pins. The circuit is very simple. The direction of current flow from the terminals of the transistor under test (TUT) is indicated by a pair of LEDs (green-red). An […]

Numeric Water-Level Indicator

Most water-level indicators for water tanks are based upon the number of LEDs that glow to indicate the corresponding level of water in the container. Here we present a digital version of the water-level indicator. It uses a 7-segment display to show the water level in numeric form from’0’ to ’9.’ The circuit works off […]

Capacitor Leakage Adaptor For DMMs

Used with a DMM on the 20V range, this circuit gives a rapid and direct measure of the leakage current of capacitors. There are two ranges, with maximum readings of about 20µA and 2mA, and the test voltage can be varied. This lets you test leakage at or near the capacitor’s rated voltage. In addition, […]