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TV Vertical Protectors

Vertical Protectors (another term surge protector or Vertical CRT Neck Guard or protector) . If the vertical deflection does not work, then the raster will glow a horizontal line. This can cause the picture tube phosphor layer was destroyed by fire when the aircraft be kept alive in the long term. There are several types of […]

How Regulator with 2 Photocoupler

Working of Regulator with 2 Photocoupler that is : Photocoupler N901 – used as a coupling-off control on the regulator by mikrokontrol. Which is set high and low voltage B + (st-by at the B + voltage is low). Control of the pin-37 POWER mikrokontrol → V610 → VD913 V908 → N901. Photocoupler N903 – […]