Television and Video

IC LA78040 schematic for vertical deflection

Synchronization circuit to make the signals useful in the process of scanning of the transmitter and sent to the Vertical and Horizontal. To be able to produce images on the picture tube phosphor surface is the same as what was sent, then the necessary adjustments to correct with ualsan which has decomposed on the sender […]

The damage Horizontal LG TV

Often find LG TV is switched off completely. After checking it Hor short TR / koslet so that all the inverter output voltage drop. Start with the appointment of TR page and check the voltage and turns back to normal. Do not always replace with a new TR because TR surely you will lose because they […]

SAMSUNG protect circuit with LA76931

Following is the protect circuit Samsung TV which use IC LA76931 as basic working the protect circuit. This Protect Circuit LA76891 located at pin-30 whichconnected to the collector of transistor Q902.In normal conditions the voltage at the base of Q902 is “low” and the voltage at pin-30 is “high”. For the temporary crippling protect, it can be […]

STV9380 and STV9381 Vertical efficient

STV9380 and STV9381 is a vertical ic-out which very efficient, so it does not require cooling (heat sink) as the vertical ic is generally. This circuit works the same way as most other vertical ic, except at the amplifier end only. Amplifier section works at the end of class D (this is different to the generally vertical […]

TV Protect Circuit Dead or Damaged ?

Television set equipped with a circuit protector, then there are several possibilities that could occur if there is a problem on one of the circuits. Protect circuit horizontal part – When turned on the horizontal plane will live for a while, but then died again. At the time of death when measured on the horizontal driver […]

X-Ray Protector Circuits

A protector system that is applied at the beginning of the television technique, therefore most often found on old aircraft models. If the high voltage anode of the picture tube flyback tranfo exceed the permitted limit, the picture tube can generate x-rays from the anode and shadowmask are bombarded by electrons at high speed. To […]

Understanding the workings of Vertical Deflection

Vertical deflection parts, serves to provide a sawtooth current to the vertical deflection coil so that horizontal lines are generated by applying localized horizontal deflection from the top of the screen and moves towards the bottom of the screen. Sweeping PAL system has a vertical frequency of 50 Hz and 60 Hz NTSC system. Vertical […]

Vertical IC Configuration

Various kinds of vertical out IC configuration. Ac coupling -connect from the yoke deflection output to a coil connected directly. Dc coupling – connected the output to the coil through a capacitor deflectioan yoke. Electrolityc Capacitors (usually worth 1000u/35v). This configuration requires two kinds of voltage (the voltage mirror plus-minus). Dc input coupling using diffferential […]


Vertical Vin = input (non-inverted), Vout = Vertical output, VfB = Vertical feedback (inverted inpput) Vcc to pump-up can be traced through the diode PUM-up and pump up Elco Capacitor VfB = or to Vin2 = Gnd or Vcc (-) Vertical IC PIN-OUT DATA AN5521 Vin = 4, Vout = 2, Vcc = 7, Gnd […]

Different types of TV TUNER

TV tuner that is used on older models and new models of television there are some differences. Therefore, understanding the different types of tuner would be useful if we want to replace the tuner with the other models. Supply voltage tuner. Tuner older models generally use a supply voltage of 12v, the new models are […]