Solar Diagrams

Portable Solar Lantern

This portable solar lantern circuit uses 6 volt/5 watt solar panels are now widely available. With the help of such a photo-voltaic panel we can construct an economical, simple but efficient and truly portable solar lantern unit. Next important component required is a high power (1watt) white LED module. When solar panel is well exposed […]

Garden Lighting Using Solar Cells

Completely ‘self-supporting’ garden lamps using solar cells as their energy source are gradually becoming more and more common. How do they actually work? We took one apart to find out. From environmental and technical considerations, buying such a solar-cell garden lamp has a lot to recommend it. It’s a great thing that the energy necessary […]

Solar Relay

With extended periods of bright sunshine and warm weather, even relatively large storage batteries in solar-power systems can become rather warm. Consequently, a circuit is usually connected in parallel with the storage battery to either connect a high-power shunt (in order to dissipate the excess solar power in the form of heat) or switch on […]

Temperature Sensitive Switch For Solar Collector

This circuit can be used to turn the pump on and off when a solar collector is used to heat a swimming pool, for example. This way the water in the collector has a chance to warm up significantly before it is pumped to the swimming pool. A bonus is that the pump doesn’t need […]

Solar Powered Reading Lamp

Introduction: The goal of this project was to produce a self contained reading lamp that could be used by students in developing countries for reading at night. The circuit can be used for a wide variety of lighting pplications.The reading lamp consists of a small solar panel, a standard UPS style lead acid battery, and […]

Solar Battery Protector Prevents excessive Discharge

This circuit prevents the battery in a solar lighting system from being excessively discharged. It’s for small systems with less than 100W of lighting, such as several fluorescent lights, although with a higher rated Mosfet at the output, it could switch larger loads. The circuit has two comparators based on an LM393 dual op amp. […]

Power Diode For Solar Power Systems

Apart from the sun, solar power systems cannot work without a reflow protection diode between the solar panel and the energy store. When current flows into the store, there is a potential drop across the diode which must be written off as a loss in energy. In the case of a Schottky diode, this is […]

Series Commutated SCR SSS Solar Charge Control

A series commutated SCR makes a very unusual Solid State Switch in this solar charge regulator control. Advantages include simplicity and robustness. The SCR performs (3) functions: switch, latch and reverse polarity diode (reverse blocking thyristor). The SCR conducts the charging current from the solar panel to the battery while a series MOSFET performs the […]

6V Solid State Switch Solar Charge Control

This is a Solid State Switch upgrade to the 6A, 6V Relay Based Solar Charge Regulator. Solid state switching provides longer life, smaller size and higher efficiency than a relay. In addition, the clock frequency may be doubled in order to better track battery load /charging requirements. The parts cost is essentially identical. One drawback […]

6A, 6V Relay Solar Charge Control

This 6V solar charge regulator meets most small-scale 6V application requirements. With a current rating of 6A, it can handle up to a 50W solar panel. Its principle of operation is very simple and there is only one adjustment: cut-out voltage. Many inexpensive commercial solar charges available use, I believe, this technique. However, this particular […]