Oscillator Circuits

Simple Crystal oscillator Circuit

This is simple crystal oscillators that provided square wave of 1MHz to 10MHz, Use an inverter gate IC and control frequencies with crystal. A oscillator or a frequency generator provide waveform out in various forms. For example : sine wave, Triangular waveform, Or square wave. The Frequency generator to control or out for a base […]

Symmetrical Harmonic Oscillator circuit.

This is the Symmetrical Harmonic Oscillator by the harmonic 3 that without tuning circuit because normal circuit use harmonic frequency always has the tuning frequency circuit. This is Astable multivibrator Oscillator circuit that has the crystal across between both emitter lead of transistors(BF494). The 40pF trimmer capacitor-C5 is connected with crystal to adjust the fundamental […]

Hum Filter using electronic coil

There are many ways to filter the hum noise from AC line (50 Hz) from audio signal away. A frequency filter usage is a simple ways that include RLC as the electronic coil. In Figure 1 is the specific frequencies filter. Figure 1 the simple specific frequencies filter using RLC If thoroughly consider to see […]

The CMOS current controlled oscillator circuits (CCO)

We can use a CMOS nand gate or inverter gate and two transistors into the current controlled oscillator circuit (CCO). In Figure 1 use two inverters are connected together as a astable multivibrator circuit. Figure 1 the normal astable multivibrator CCO circuit. If the output of N1 is “0”, and C1 will start be charged […]

Simple Wien Bridge Oscillator

This wien bridge oscillator circuit which is normal,low distortion and can easily adjust the resonance frequency that depends on the pair of the resistors (R) and capacitors (C). Which we can calculate by the formula. F = 1/2 p RC In this circuit as Figure 1 the oscillator are based by the R that include […]

VCO-using schmitt trigger

The oscillator or the frequency generator, By most popular use NE555 or transistors or various gate. The output frequency setting depend on the resistance or capacitance As well as use the crystal control or frequency to the circuit. The frequency generator will see that has Designs commonly used in an electronic circuits, specifically the digital […]

Variable Time base oscillator by cmos IC

This circuit is a variable time base oscillator that has operation as characteristics of high frequency pulse oscillator generator out to a Decade counter circuit. So that send a pulse signal appears at the output of one signal per the counting clock signal that as 10 pulse. Cause easy to building the lower signal to […]

Universal tester circuit with VCO(voltage controlled oscillator)

A voltage controlled oscillator circuit that called as VCO, is the circuit that use voltage signal level from input to control an amount of frequencies that generate at output or the output frequency transform by voltage . The basis of a function generators circuit or an oscillator generator circuit to applied in testing a lot […]

The experiment use inverter gate as oscillator circuit.

The experiment use inverter gate as oscillator circuit. We will try to take an inverter gate to test fun circuit. The inverter that use is CMOS also be use the number : MC14069B. Or if not have used the old NAND gate : MC14011B. Then, take input joint together into the same inverter form. Connect […]

The 100 Hz to 10 KHz square wave generator by Phase Lock Loop IC

This is a square wave generator, the other circuit one interesting. The CMOS IC is selected to this job will be Phase Lock Loop IC is CD4046 that has Characteristics the setting circuit as Figure 1. Using the voltage control frequency. The voltage that is derived from pin 9 of IC1 voltage adjustment of VR1. […]