Op-Amp Circuits

Simple Long Duration Timer using OP-AMP ICs

Simple Long Duration Timer using OP-AMP ICs If you need to build the RC timer circuit that long time delay we need to use too many resistors and capacitors. This may have caused the error is quite large. From the change to the device degradation and leakage. This circuit allows the RC time constant of […]

Non-inverting integrator circuit using op-amp

This is non-inverting integrator circuit that is improved that below. The obstacles of old integrator as Figure 1, is Connection of RC is at a virtual ground, cause C into the capacitive load across output of op-amp. It makes an impact on the Slew rate of the circuit. May solve this problem in a circuit […]

LM324 Quad OP-AMP

The LM324 IC is derived high popular that used in many circuit diagram. Which is a package of four operational amplifiers (OP-AMP) that can be powered by a battery or other single-polarity supply(positive and negative only) over a very wide voltage range. The four op-amps are installed in a single 14-pin package. You can use […]

Op-Amp Microphone Preamp

Description: A high quality microphone preamplifier using a single power supply, suitable for dynamic or electret microphones. The op-amp used can be any low noise, high performance type, e.g. NE5534,TL071, OPA 371 etc Notes Nothing too special here. The schematic is shown using a dynamic microphone, for use with an electret a suitable biasing resistor […]

741 Op-Amp Tutorial, op-amps, Operational Amplifier

© by Tony van Roon What exactly is an OPerational AMPlifier? Let’s define what that component is and look at the parameters of this amazing device.An operational amplifier IC is a solid-state integrated circuit that uses external feedback to control its functions.It is one of the most versatile devices in all of electronics. The term […]

Temperature controlled fan with a 741 op-amp

Parts List: R1 = 560 ohmQ1 = 2N2907 (NTE159M) low noiseR2,R9 = 100K Q2 = MJE521 (NTE184)R3,R8 = 10K IC1 = 741, op-ampR4,R7 = 1K Led1 = LED, red R5 = 470 ohmD1,D2,D3 = 1N4148, signal diode R6 = 100 ohm, 2watt, wire-wound D4 = 1N4004, general purpose diode P1 = 100K, trimmer potC1 = […]

Op Amp Design Tools

Op Amp Design Tools Intersil Corporation, a world leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance analog and mixed signal semiconductors, announced iSim™ v4.1, an upgrade to its industry leading web-based non-inverting and inverting op amp design tools. These tools build on the previously released Active Filter Designer and expand the solution set offered by […]

Dual 1 MHz Op Amp Power Booster

Dual 1 MHz Op Amp Power Booster Cirrus Logic Inc. is expanding its popular and versatile Apex Precision Power® booster product family with a new dual-channel booster amplifier, the PB63. With a 1,000 V/µs slew rate and 1 MHz of power bandwidth, the PB63 accelerates power booster performance 300 percent compared to the company’s previous […]

20V, Ultra-Precision Op Amps

20V, Ultra-Precision Op Amps The MAX44251/MAX44252 are 20V, ultra-precision, low-noise, low-drift amplifiers that offer near-zero DC offset and drift through the use of patented autocorrelating zeroing techniques. This method constantly measures and compensates the input offset, eliminating drift over time and temperature and the effect of 1/f noise. These dual and quad devices feature rail-to-rail […]

Wide Bandwidth JFET Op Amps

Wide Bandwidth JFET Op Amps The ADA4001-2 is a dual JFET amplifier that features low input bias current, input voltage noise, input current noise, and rail-to- rail output. The combination of low noise and very low input bias currents makes these amplifiers especially suitable for high impedance sensor amplification. Unlike many competitive amplifiers, the ADA4001-2 […]