Control Circuits

RC (Remote Control) Switch

It is sometimes necessary for an RC (remote control) model to contain some kind of switching functionality. Some things that come to mind are lights on a model boat, or the folding away of the undercarriage of an aeroplane, etc. A standard solution employs a servo, which then actually operates the switch. Separate modules are […]

IR Remote Control Checking

This small circuit is ideal for checking the basic operation of an infrared remote control unit. The circuit is based on the brilliantly simple idea of connecting a piezo buzzer directly to an IR receiver IC. This method is almost as simple as connecting a photodiode directly to the input of an oscilloscope, but has […]

Simple infrared remote control extender

This ultra-simple remote control extender is ideal for use with a hidden video recorder. The recorder is a Panasonic NV-SD200 and is used as part of a camera surveillance system. A PICAXE-08-based circuit is used to detect events and control the recorder. It also flashes a LED near the monitor to indicate the number of […]

IR Remote Control Receiver

With many audio systems consisting of separate units, you’ll often find that due to economic reasons only the amplifier has a remote control receiver module. The control signals are then sent to the other units using patch cables. The tuner and CD player, for example, won’t have a built-in receiver module. When the tuner from […]

Mains Remote Control Decoder

This receiver/decoder forms part of a simple mains network remote control system, which also includes the ‘Mains Remote Transmitter’ and the ‘Mains Remote Encoder’. The decoder is built around IC1, which is a Holtek type HT12D or HT12F. For the receiver we use the same circuit as in the ‘mains remote switch’, namely a passive […]

Remote Control Mains Switch

Remote Control Mains Switch As the only electronics engineer in my family and circle of friends, it is sometimes not possible to evade an appeal for help. This time the request came from a friendly elderly lady in a retirement home. In her room the light switch by the door and the pull cord above […]

Cheap Pump Controller

This simple but effective circuit can be used to control water level in a container. The prototype is used to pump water out of a bucket that collects condensation from a home air-conditioning system. The design is based around a 555 timer (IC1). Although the timer in configured as a mono-stable, it lacks the usual […]

DC Control for Triacs

If a circuit is to switch a mains voltage, a relay is a simple solution in cases where switching times are long and high currents are involved. However, at lower currents, and in particular where rapid switching is required, such as in sound-to-light systems, a relay no longer fills the bill. Electrical isolation is often […]

Laser Controlled ON – OFF Switch

This circuit is built around a 555 timer using very few components. Since the circuit is very simple, even a novice can easily build it and use it as a controlling device. A laser pointer, now easily available in the market, can be used to operate this device. This circuit has been tested in operational […]

Efficient Fan Speed Controller

A partial solution to quietening noisy PCs can be to reduce the speed of internal cooling fans. Low-cost fan speed controllers are available, but they often employ inefficient, heat-generating linear regulators and contain no temperature feedback mechanism. This idea makes use of a readily available, cheap in-car mobile phone charger. The majority of these use […]