Control Circuits

Hacks and Mods: Bluetooth Keyboard Controls Dancing Hexapod

Presently, production of robots of different types and functions are rapidly created to help people make their life easier. We can even imagine how the world would look like on the next decade to come. That is – robots do most of the work that people used to do. Most of the bots in the […]

Hacks and Mods: Hacking Car Wipers for Easy Control

How do you want to have your wipers become more intelligent? In this way, they could remember how frequent you need to use them. But of course, this will need the help of an ATmega8L microcontroller. When you need to activate the wiper, you just press the button and it will run in one course. […]

Hand Clap Electronic Control

We have all seen the commercial on TV ………. CLAP – ON – CLAP – OFF – THE – CLAPPER ………… well here is a circuit that will perform that same function. Circuit operation is as follows. A single hand clap will be picked up by the electric mic which is coupled through C1 into […]

PC Fan Speed Controller – For a Low-Noise PC

The fan runs constantly in many PCs, which may not even be necessary. A simple controller circuit can regulate the fan speed according to demand. This not only saves energy, it also reduces irritation from the fan noise. Only three components are needed to allow the fan speed to be controlled according to the actual […]

DC Fan Controller

This circuit is ideal to control the cooling fan of heat generated electronic gadgets like power amplifiers. The circuit switches on a fan if it senses a temperature above the set level. The fan automatically turns off when the temperature returns to normal. The circuit uses an NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) Thermister to sense heat. […]

Rotative Speed Regulator Borer, Driller Controller

This rotative speed regulator circuit schematic allows to control the holing speed of your borer or driller machine. This project is based on the fact that if the load grows, the voltage decrease and current increase. Use this circuit to control the speed of revolutions of your drilling mill or bench drill. Driller controller circuit […]

Kitchen Exhaust Fan Controller

Exhaust fan is an important component in kitchens. Here is a simple circuit to control kitchen fans by monitoring the ambient temperature. It is built around the renowned precision integrated temperature sensor chip LM35 (IC1). Rest of the circuit is a non-traditional electromagnetic relay driver wired around the popular LED driver LM3914 (IC2). User can […]

Smart Heater Controller

Minuscule circuit of the electronic heater controller presented here is built around the renowned 3-Pin Integrated Temperature Sensor LM35 (IC1) from NSC. Besides, a popular Bi Mos Op-amp CA3140 (IC2) is used to sense the status of the temperature sensor IC1, which also controls a solid-state switch formed by a high power Triac BT136. Resistive […]

Audio Level Threshold Control

This circuit was originally designed for use in detecting discharges from individual neurons, where the infrequent discharges are difficult to separate from dominant background noise. It may also prove useful in other applications that need to detect infrequent low-level audio signals against a noisy background. The audio input signal is buffered by op amp IC1 […]

Infra-red Remote Control Tester Circuit

As I was developing my IR Extender Circuit, I needed to find a way of measuring the relative intensities of different Infra red light sources. This circuit is the result of my research. I have used a photodiode, SFH2030 as an infra red sensor. A MOSFET opamp, CA3140 is used in the differential mode to […]