Automotive Diagrams

Car Connector for Ipod

Car Connector for Ipod Prepare you be after to know how to connected your ipod to your car? Connecting your iPod to your car is only for instance effortless as between it to your central processing unit. in excess of 90 percent of novel cars sold dressed in the United States undergo an option in […]

Mercedes Benz W211 Dual Battery System Diagram

The function of Mercedes Benz W211 battery control module are: Monitors the voltages of (G1) and (G1/7) Monitors alternator voltage (terminal 61) via CAN B Controls auxiliary battery relay (K57/2) Controls consumer prioritization function Optimizes charging of auxiliary battery (G1/7) Notes emergency operation and sets fault codes (CAN communication / DTC’s) Notes emergency operation resulting […]

Mazda RX-8 Electric Power Steering EPS System Wiring Diagram

An Electric Power Steering (EPS) System provide the convenience of steering assist without the cost in engine size and fuel consumption. Mazda RX-8 is equipped with the electric power steering system which consists of steering wheel and column, steering shaft, steering gear and linkage, EPS control module. Mazda RX-8 Electric Power Steering Troubleshooting Hints: EPS […]

Simple Car Circuit Breaker Schematic Diagram

Circuit breaker is an electronic devices which function is to protect an electrical circuit from hazard/damage due to overload or short circuit. This car circuit breaker circuit presented here will automatically cut off the power, thus avoiding any possible electrical hazards. The following schematic depicts a very simple Car Circuit Breaker Diagram. The circuit design […]

Fiat Lancia Delta HF Electronic Speedometer Wiring Diagram

The Fiat Lancia Delta HF speedometer drive motor is of the synchronous, direct current type and is controlled by an electronic control unit, located in the instrument panel, based on the frequency of the signals emitted by the impulse generator, so that the exact speed corresponds to that of the vehicle. The electronic control unit […]

Kawasaki NINJA 650R ABS Total System Diagram

The Kawasaki NINJA 650R ABS controls the brake caliper fluid pressure by means of mechatronics – a combination of electronic and hydraulic control technology in order to keep the friction force between the tires and the roads surfaces close to the maximum value and prevent wheel lock. But it does not operate during cruising. The […]

Mazda 929 Engine Electrical Circuit and Charging System Checking Procedures

The 1975 Mazda 929 is equipped with a 12 volt battery consisting of six cells which capacity is 50 Ampere hours of 20 hours rating. The 1975 Mazda 929 engine electrical system consists of charging system, starting and ignition system. If the electrical system is not charging properly, it is advisable to determine whether the […]

GM Twilight Sentinel Circuit and Wiring Diagram

GM luxury vehicles use a system called Twilight Sentinel. The twilight delay switch in  the headlamp switch assembly is supplied a 5 volt reference from the instrument panel integration module (IPM) as shown in below schematic. GM Twilight Sentinel Circuit and Wiring Diagram The IPM also provides ground to the twilight delay switch. The switch […]

Dodge Intrepid Starting System Wiring and Circuit Diagram

The Dodge Intrepid (1993) starting system has the following parts and components: Ignition switch; Starter relay; Neutral starting and back-up switch with automatic transmissions only; Wiring harness; Battery; and Starter motor with an integral solenoid. These components form two separate circuits. A high amperage circuit that feeds the starter motor up to 300+ amps, and […]

Charging System Voltage Loss Test Circuit Diagram

Charging System Voltage Loss Test Procedures: Adjust load to rated alternator output. Record VB (Battery Voltage) reading. Adjust load to rated alternator output. Record VA (Alternator Voltage) reading. Subtract VA (Alternator Voltage) from VB (Battery Voltage). Loss not to exceed 0.5V. Proceed to positive and negative cable loss tests if loss exceeds specs. Charging System […]