Alam Circuits

Panic Alarm

Imagine the Panic situation in the Midnight when an intruder tries to break into the house. This Alarm will help you with its loud Police siren to abort the attempt of intrusion. With a single clap, the circuit generates the alarm for three minutes and then goes off. This is sufficient to catch the attention […]

Gated Alarm

Sometimes the need arises for a simple, gated, pulsed alarm. The circuit shown here employs just four components and a piezo sounder and is unlikely to be out-done for simplicity. While it does not offer the most powerful output, it is likely to be adequate for many applications. A dual CMOS timer IC type 7556 […]

US-Style Siren

The circuit described here can create three different ‘US-style’ siren sounds: police, ambulance and fire engine. The desired sound can be selected using switch S1. The circuit can be used in toys (such as model vehicles), as part of an alarm system, and in many other applications. For use in a toy, a BC337 is […]

Laser Alarm

This circuit is a laser alarm system like the one we see in various movies. It uses a laser pointer beam to secure your valuables and property. Essentially, when the beam gets interrupted by a person, animal or object, the resistance of a photodiode will increase and an alarm will be activated. The laser and […]

Simple Water-Level Indicator-Cum-Alarm

This water-level indicator-cum-alarm circuit is configured around the well-known CMOS input-compatible, 7-channel IC ULN2004 Darlington array. As the water level rises in the tank, it comes in contact with probes P1 through P7 and thereby makes pins 7 through 1 high, sequentially. As a result, the corresponding output pins 10 through 16 go low one […]

Infrared Proximity Detector Alarm

This circuit can be built from readily available low-cost components, some of which may even be hiding in your junkbox! The indicated value of 22 Ω for resistor R1 causes an average current of about 65 mA through infrared emitter D1. Because the IRED is pulsed at a duty factor of about 50% through the […]

Alarm Clock With Day Selector

This circuit disables an alarm clock on Saturdays and Sundays when people like to sleep in but enables normal operation on Mondays to Fridays so that people rise in time for work or school. The core of the circuit is a 4017 decade counter which acts as the day counter and it is used in […]

Simple 6-Input Alarm

This simple alarm circuit was designed for use in a combined garage and rumpus room. It can be assembled on Veroboard and uses just one IC plus a handful of cheap components. The circuit is based on a straightforward 555 timer circuit (IC1). This is wired as a monostable and sets the siren period which […]

Door KnocK Alarm With Timer

This low-cost circuit uses the piezoelectric element of a piezobuzzer as the input sensor. The piezoelectric element plate is fixed at the centre of the door wing by using a cello tape. Apply a small quantity of adhesive at the edges between the plate and the door. Extend wires about 1-1.5 metres from the piezoelectric […]

General-Purpose Alarm

The alarm may be used for a variety of applications, such as frost monitor, room temperature monitor, and so on. In the quiescent state, the circuit draws a current of only a few microamperes, so that, in theory at least, a 9 V dry battery (PP3, 6AM6, MN1604, 6LR61) should last for up to ten […]