Build your own printer cable LCD Display – Path 4




Now it’s time to connect it to the PC. The first thing you see is this at the left image. This means that everything went right.



You have two chooses for the program that will control the LCD. First is LCD Smartie that can be downloaded fromhere. More info about this program can be found to theauthor’s site.

This one has many abilities. The most common is to display the winamp song’s Title, Lenght ect and the most rare is to fetch new from CNN’s site and display them to your LCD.



And the second is the LCD Center

I both cases you will need the which will give you access to the Parallel Port of your PC. You must also modify the Parallel port settings to EPP (sometimes ECP does work, but EPP is better) in your BIOS.


Below are some pictures from the LCD in action.


Build your own printer cable LCD Display   Path 4

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