Build your own printer cable LCD Display – Path 3




Mark the side you will use as the pin number 1



Take the side of the printer cable that goes to the printer and take it out from the plastic box.



Unsolder the wires


If you like you can use some heat shrink plasic to catch the wires together.

Build your own printer cable LCD Display schematic


Use the schematic you see at the left to wire the female pin array so when it is fitted at the LCD the pins match correctly.



You may use two additional wires from that is not used to drive the power line to the other end of the cable that will be fitted to the parallel port.



 Now desolder at the wires you will use for powering the LCD and attach another piece of wire to them, like you see at the right. This is the connector that goes to the LPT.



 It should look like this when you close the plastic box.

Build your own printer cable LCD Display   Path 3


 Now solder the power wires to the Molex connector paying attention to the polarity. Finally your cable will look like the one in the image.

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