Buffer op-amp / Unity Gain Follower using LM741

The buffer op-amp circuit or Used for coupling two circuits together or the Unity Gain Follower Voltage Follower used to transfer or copy a voltage from a first circuit (Vin) to a second circuit (V out)The input has high impedance, and the output is low impedance. such as the differential family of the IC or transistor that’s not good impedance matching.The op-amp IC objects have the output low impedance and input high impedance. When connected to other circuits, so there is no any effect.The gain is equal to 1 always. Does not to change any signal Vin = Vout.
This circuit is an example of a buffer op-amp circuit, use IC Number LM741 performs this function very well, does not require any additional equipment.Signals can be used with any format, but the frequency response up to 1Mhz, and limit the maximum voltage level power supply circuit is about 18V. For volt supply use , +/- 5V-18V.

Buffer op amp Unity Gain Follower using LM741

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