Body Wiring Diagram For 1946-47 Oldsmobile Convertible Coupe Style 3967

This schematic is the body wiring diagram for the 1946-1947 Oldsmobile Convertible Coupe style 3967. This schematic comes with more than just a body wiring diagram information, but also with the Hydro-Lectric system control wiring. Some wiring of the Hydro-lectric system control are like hydraulic motor ground strap, right door window regulator control wire, hydraulic motor to starter motor feed wire black, seat adjuster control wire, etc. As for the body wiring system, the systems are of the following: license plate light feed wire, left and right stop light feed wire, dome lamp to left pillar switch and left and right switch ground wire, etc. Please study body wiring systems first before performing any wiring project in your car, especially when working alone without professional help. Click on image to view it larger in a new tab.

 Body wiring for 1946 47 oldsmobile convertible coupe style 3967

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