Body Wiring Diagram For 1937 Buick 40 And 60 Business And Sport Coupes

This next wiring image is the body wiring diagram for the 1937 Buick 40 And 60 Business and Sport Coupes. This wiring diagram is applicable for these following body styles: 64427-4627-4427B. The connections are shown in letter codes, such as: A – dome lamp to switch wire – natural, B – dome lamp to switch feed wire – natural with red tracer, C – dome lamp ground wire – natural with green tracer, D – tail lamp wire – natural with black tracer, E – stop lamp wire – natural, and G – gas gauge wire – natural with black cross tracer. Click on image to view it larger in a new tab.

 Body wiring for 1937 buick 40 and 60 business and sport coupes

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