Blinker Circuit

The blinker circuit design is made using the LM395 IC. This IC is a short-circuit proof power transistor with special characteristics. This is sometimes called a “super transistor”. LM395 is used in this circuit as an alarm blinker for cars.

12 volts Blinker circuit diagram

Blinker circuit

The blink frequency is determined by the R4/C1 combination which is dimensioned to give approximately one blink per second. To achieve lower frequencies, increase the value of C1. To achieve faster blink freq decrease the value of C1. The circuit cand drive 12 volts lamps. The maximum power delivered is 12 watts. The power transistor T1 must be heatsinked. Two PCB desing are available: one for TO-3 package and one for the TO-220 package.

LM395 TO-3 Blinker PCB Layout

Blinker to3 pcb

LM395 TO-220 Blinker PCB desing

Blinker to220 pcb

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