Bench Power Supply I

This is bench power supply circuit for multi purpose usage…

Regulated Bench Power Supply

This bench power supply features three solid-state DC power supplies. The first supply gives a +1.5 to +15 volts at 1 ampere. The second supply gives a -1.5 to -15 volts at 1 ampere. The third has a fixed 5V at 3 amperes. All  DC supplies are fully regulated. A special IC circuit keeps the output voltage within .2V when going from no  load to 1 ampere. The output is fully protected from short circuits. This supply is ideal for use in school labs,  service shops or anywhere a precise DC voltage is required.

Take a note that based on the diagram, this circuit require 120V AC to 17V AC Center Tapped Transformer. If your country use 220V AC home electric, you MUST change the Transformer 220-240V AC to 18V AC Center Tapped Transformer.

Here is the schematic diagram of bench power supply:

Power supply circuit

To know the step by step build the bench power supply circuit, download this instruction.

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