Basic pulse generator using IC 1458

This is astable multivibrator circuit or Square-Wave Oscillator
or basic pulse generator. it use op-amp as main component. I have a feeling not unfamiliar.
Mostly I would like to use the LM555 timer. Because it is easy and economical.
But sometimes. We not have this IC-555. Therefore probably choose this IC. But sometimes. We not have the IC.

when you see in the circuir used IC-1458 is main parts and a few parts.
By have Vsat value size as same as with power supply voltage. The frequency Output set by value R1
and C1.
Frequency Oscillator output = 1/(2R1.C1.ln3)
The C1 capacitor to change capacitance per frequency value 1uF = 8Hz,0.1uF = 50Hz,0.01uF=700Hz,0.001uF = 6KHz.
The IC1b use to boost up current output and to buffer load.
IC 1458 use IC other number = RC4558 = LF353 =etc.

Pulse generator by ic 1458

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