Automatic Airflow Detector Schematic Diagram

The following circuit diagram of automatic airflow detector will give a sign if airflow is present. Sensor used in this circuit is a bulb filament. If there is no airflow, the filament resistance would give low value. On the other hand, if there is airflow, the filament resistance would varies. The variation of the resistance is caused by the heat difference between filament. It also effects to the voltage variation passing through that filament. That voltage difference will be processed by LM339 op-amp and displayed by the LED.

Automatic airflow detector circuit schematic

Parts list :

  • LED1 : LED 5mm
  • IC1 volt regulator : LM7805
  • Polar Capacitor C1 : 47 uF/15V
  • Resistor R1 : 100 ohm
  • Resistor R2 : 470 ohm
  • Resistor R3 : 10k ohm
  • Potensiometer R4 : 100k ohm
  • Resistor R5 : 1k ohm
  • IC2 op-amp : LM339
  • Bulb filament
  • Power supply/battery 12V

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